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Women fall into addiction for multiple reasons. Most people who end up using have experienced trauma throughout their life leading to unhealthy views of themselves, God and their environment. To numb the pain, many people turn to substance abuse and get caught in addiction. But we believe addiction is just a chapter of these women's stories not the end.

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When a woman is abusing drugs or alcohol to cope with life circumstances and pain, they may exhibit depressive cycles, extreme mood swings, lack of consistency, alienation of friends and family members, and other behaviors leading to very destructive patterns. If you know anyone experiencing these symptoms that wants help and a new hope and future, give us a call.

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Sunshines method of recovery is tried and true. We help women start their process of recovery by providing a safe home, trauma counseling, accountability, training in life skills and friendship. We believe some of the brightest, world shaping ideas lie inside the hearts of women who have or are struggling with addiction, and we are doing our part to help them get healthy so that they can change the world. Want to join us?

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What is Recovery & Why does it matter?

We've all heard the alarming statistics about substance abuse in our country, but we're here to tell you about the bright side. Although recovery is not always filled with sunshine and rainbows, it is a place of finding hope and solid footing which can be the solid foundation people need to stand up on their own two feet.

Ways to support our ladies during the Corona Craze.


We have one main way to financially support the women of Sunshine Recovery during this wild time.  We are inviting people to buy individual house needs as they arise. See the options below to partner with us! We would be honored if you would consider supplying one of the needs below. We have options from buying a whole months rent for the whole house ($2900) all the way to supplying one woman's hygiene items for a month($25). Find whatever fits your style. Thanks for supporting the women in our community. We can't do it without you!


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